Friday, March 4, 2016

Whatever Is Lovely: A Book Review

In case you've missed it, adult coloring books are all the rage lately. For someone who has never stopped coloring regardless of age, via doodling, crafting, or downright busting out old coloring books, this trend is one that I'm glad to see sticking around.

Whatever Is Lovely: An Adult Coloring Book for Reflection and Worship, is a beautifully designed option for those who want to bust out their crayons or colored pencils. That being said, it offers a few extra bonuses that many others do not.

First, it offers you some alone time with the Gospel and God. I don't know about you, but my hectic life is basically begging for some extra alone time with God. Sometimes it's hard to carve that time out, but it's extra alluring to do so by using this book. The scripture and words bring about a sense of peace, especially while coloring and looking at the same loving words over and over.

Secondly, it's a curated collection filled with various artists, quotes, and scripture. So it's not just one viewpoint or story line or even the same types of pictures over and over. The variety makes it extra special. Each time you turn a page feels like a surprise, and honestly each one is so detailed and stunning.

Whether it's early morning, or late at night, "Whatever is Lovely" will bring you joy.

This book was provided to me via Blogging for Books, and the review reflects my honest opinion.