"In just two sessions, Kerry gave me the confidence and skills to meet and begin working with an agent. Kerry is knowledgeable, encouraging, and more importantly a friendly face in this difficult business." - Lisa Michelle, Actress // NYC

"It only took one Skype chat for me to be totally sold on Kerry's awesomeness. She exudes a beautiful mixture of sweet talk and tough love, offering a plethora of advice, encouragement, support and butt-kicking." - Stephanie Shar, Blogger // LA [read full post here]

"Within a month of meeting with Kerry: I landed an agent, started building my website, and got the confidence I needed to just put myself out there." - Nattalyee, Actress // NYC

"Kerry came in to my life path quite serendipitously. She gave me encouragement and direction when I needed it most! She provides the gentle accountability I need & pushes me to achieve my full potential. I really value her input & feedback, while she also allows me to make my own discoveries. She is a total gem." - Rachel Richards, Actress // NYC

"... I'm freelancing with [redacted] Agency for legit, actually across the board.  And I'm signing with [redacted] Management. So thank you for helping me get this team together. Without you I'd probably still be sitting around waiting for representation." - Nastasha Strang, Actress // NYC

"...Thursday is no longer available to me...but I blame you for this! After [our coaching] I took the initiative and am appearing in a short series all day Thursday with some SNL people, and I even booked a national commercial for Friday! Literally all because of your advice. Rain check for next week? I never thought I'd have to cancel something because I'm actually doing "acting work." Thank you so much again!" - Taylor Wolfe, Blogger // Chicago

"Kerry's guidance and wisdom has helped me not only see my own potential, but wrestle with and live up to it. She's gotten me to access tools I already have to help me make my dreams come true, big and small. Working with her has gotten me out of my own way in countless venues and I continue to reap the benefits of her coaching in all areas of my life." - Brett Radek, Actor // NYC & Chicago

"Kerry has helped me dig deep inside and find the confidence and belief I have had in my heart all along. I am now able to put my tools to good use and not second guess every decision I make in this business. Kerry empowers you to know that your career is in your own hands and that you CAN accomplish your dreams." - Mariah Ciangiola, Actress // NYC

"I wanted to thank you SO much for yesterday. I feel so confident about what we discussed, and I'm amazed by how much I was able to take from just one short session." - Paige McNamara, Actress // NYC