Thursday, July 3, 2014

Red, White & Blue Revisited

With the Fourth of July quickly approaching (you know, like, tomorrow), I'm taking a quick look back at last year's celebration and sharing the easiest, fastest holiday treat to make. Bring this bad boy to your barbecue, picnic, or pool party this year and you'll look super fancy while secretly knowing you are not. Don't worry, secret's safe with me.

Last year was a banner year for my 4th. Morning parade with my family, finally being grown up enough to bring something with me to a party, enjoying the afternoon with friends before taking a break to check in with my three favorite people whom I wasn't able to see that day (yes, two of those people have paws), back to the party and then fireworks to finish off the day. Classic July 4th.

Okay ready for the 'recipe'? It has 5 very important steps:
1. Get many cartons of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries (bonus points if you can spell raspberries without spellcheck. Cause I couldn't. Both times.).
2. Rinse them off thoroughly.
3. Find some sort of circular serving dish and begin arranging the fruit, working your way from the outside in.
4. Make whatever fancypants pattern that suits you.
5. Win at 4th of July food. Done! Bam. Easy.

I'll have you know I did not see this on pinterest and copy it, but instead, combined my outstanding procrastination skills with whatever was left at the grocery store with my artistic talents (aka panic) and created this here beauty. Between this fruit platter and the fact that I wore a dress as a skirt, well, I was quite delighted with myself.

I hope whatever you're doing this year (or, maybe, not doing - hey there couch and marathons of tv, how are you?) brings you total joy. And delicious snacks.

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